Metal art museum 2012
These are two iron boxes in the museum garden.
The artworks is metaphor of FUKUSHIMA nuclear plant.
The skeleton frame box is image of "after the explosion", the iron black box is image of "before the explosion".
Inside of the iron box is very dark, and there are some backlight equipments.
People can see radioactive substances by a reflection of black light's ultraviolet in a darkroom.
The artworks inside is same condition to see radioactive substances, but people see human shape by thin strings.
And, I made a similar shape by thin red strings in the skeleton box.
When viewers looked for the first time, they misunderstood that is an empty box.
However, they can find the similar shape when they look well.
The concept is a metaphor of radioactivity. We can see radioactivity only in ultraviolet rays.
But, we can find radioactivity by studying in news(TV or Radio about it) and books under the sunlight.