Sacred boundary -聖域-
Fuji no Yama Biennale 2020

Material : camphor wood, silk thread #50, UV LED light, Acrylic, Wood

I was in Europe in April 2020 when the corona disaster swept all over the world.
Then I saw an impressive TV news clip.
At a train station in France, a medical worker who is in protective clothing
carried a tray of a critically COVID-19 patient with an oxygen inhaler onto a train.
It was the TV news that the ICU in France was full and that Germany had accepted a critically COVID-19 patient as an emergency measure.
It was like a scene from a science fiction movie, a strange image that seemed somehow removed from reality.
It reminded me of the opening scene of the movie "Solaris",
which I had seen when I was a student, in which people were moving silently along Tokyo city Highway.
It also reminded me of the original story I had read at the time.
After returning to Japan with no sense of reality,
I researched the history of the Mt. Fuji, perhaps because I felt a strange coincidence between Solaris and Fuji,
where the deceased appear and disappear, just like in Ugetsu Monogatari and Noh.