Le Temps et l'Autre –Refractions on Emmanuel Lèvinas-
Museum Vlaardingen / World Art Delft

Material : camphor wood, silk thread #50, UV LED light, Acrylic, Wood

In the 20th century, relativity and quantum mechanics caused a paradigm shift in the concept of absolute time.
It has been defined that the flow of time changes with phenomenon and space.
Physics has a close relationship with philosophy.
So then, it has begun the close relationship between physics and philosophy.
This artwork expression is an attempt to visualize "time and others" in Emmanuel Lèvinas.
Or, it is a metaphor for the contrast between the concept of "existence" in Western philosophy and "emptiness" in ancient Indian Buddhism philosophy.
The process of knitting silk thread is a perceptron input binary algorithm, the same as the method of calculating “AI -artificial intelligence-“.