Reflections on Mass and Prayer / 質量と祈りについての考察

“Mass” is the essential quantity that makes up matter, and the human body is composed of that matter.
If it is the existence of the human being that is sustained by the human body made up of matter,
can the spirit be identified with the brain functions of that body?
If the neurons of the brain, which are matter, are responsible for the whole of the spirit, is the act of “Prayer” also an action of matter?
“Prayer” is a communication with a supernatural being that is not governed by physical principles, and has much to do with religious spirituality.
In order to confront the selection of life in the history of human, it will consider and express “Mass” and “Prayer”.
As a form of “Prayer”, the inside of a single camphor tree has been carved to the limit
and hollowed out to form a three-dimensional object symbolising spirituality.
As an expression of "Mass", he life of the body given by matter is made into a metaphor triptychs,
each of that is a hollowed-out aircraft scale model that a mass-produced "weapon",
which as a requiem for the life lost in the situation of "selection of life" and "triage".
The aim of the exhibition is to present a composition
as a space to reflect on the form of requiem for the "selection" of the life of a body composed of matter with “Mass”,
and the form of the spirit of "Prayer".