Quantum Entanglement

Material : camphor wood, silk thread #50, UV LED light, LED light, plywood

These empty wooden sculptures are hollowed out from one piece of wood.
They are delicate sculptures with parts as thin as 1mm, however, keep a strong presence.
In the 20th-century quantum mechanics and the theory of relativity greatly changed the concept of time, dimension and existence.
Quantum theory within modern physics, closely resembles emptiness and therefore resonates with the philosophy of Buddhism.
Our bodies are made out of cells, cells are made out of molecules, molecules made out of atoms and atoms made from quantum.
The size and mass of quantum elements cannot be determined with our current understanding of modern physics.
We have yet to determine whether quantum is a point or a wavelength.
Nevertheless, our bodies, our lives and the world we live in are made out of quantum.
Within our bodies, there are inherent memories that are acquired from phylogeny.
However, we have not been able to fully analyze the structures and mysteries of our bodies yet.
These sculptures question our own existence.