Quantum fluctuation
European Cultural Center VENICE 2019 Art Biennale

Material : silk thread #50, camphor wood with colour, UV light, plywood

website : European Cultural Center VENICE 2019 Art Biennale-PERSONAL STRUCTURES-Identities-

Palazzo MORA
Strada Nova, 3659, 30121 Venezia, Italy
11/05 - 25/11 2019 Open Daily 10:00-18:00 Closed Tuesday

In the twentieth century, quantum mechanics and theory of relativity greatly changed the concept of time, dimension and existence.
gQuantum fluctuationh a concept within the quantum theory of modern physics, closely resembles gEmptinessh and shows many similarities with theories of Buddhist philosophy.
Our bodies are made from many cells, which in turn are made from many molecules, these molecules are made from many atoms, and atoms are made from quantum.
The size and mass of quantum elements can not be determined in modern physics yet.
Furthermore, it can not specify whether quantum is a point or a wavelength. Which leaves visual interpretation open for artist.
But given the nature of our presence in this world , our bodies and our lives are made from fluctuating quantum.
Blaise Pascal, who was a medieval philosopher, physicist and mathematician compared this by stating that gThe human being is only a reed, the most feeble in nature; but this is a thinking reedh.
In our bodies, live inherent ancient memories that are acquired from phylogeny.
However, we have not been able to fully analyse our body structure yet.
This visualisation intents to show my personal take on this matter and raises the question: what is human existence?

The wood-carved body sculpture is floating in a box and is made from one piece of Camphor wood.
The other is made of a silk thread that is only 0.2mm in diameter and uses the same algorithm as a binary perceptron used for gAIh.