"Recycl Art"

8/2008 Art Symposium "Recycle Art - World Art Delft" The Netherland,Delft
Metaphor of tearoom

text by "Recycle Art -World Art Delft-"
As a sculptor Ohno always uses industrial garbage.He thinks recyclings is very important because our environment is endangered. He feels it could make a defference if all artists recycled.He believes that if you recycle, you make a complete change in the material, in comparison to re-using. He likes to use natural materials like iron and wood: products that return to nature.
For the "Recycle Art" project he has made a place for people to meditate about our changing world in order to change their viewpoint.
"Thanks to garbage I can make my art; it is a gift from earth; he says.
He wants to start a peaceful dialogue and has made his "tearoom" for everyone, including animals and insects.
A further note about the artwork "The Metaphor of the Tearoom":The Japanese tearoom was completed by Sen No Rikyu in the 16th century.
The concept was of a peaceful space in which samurais solved wars through discussion.
Ohno constructed a new tearoom by recycling local materials from Delft.
People are able to look up into the sky and meditate in peace. By drinking tea the spirits can relax.